Romania - Day 6

On Monday the day was pretty free. We slept until about 10:00. The men went to a meeting about what they should talk about. The boys stayed in there room and played with paper airplanes. Then we ran around in the field in front of the university for a little bit. Then we ate lunch with Sebastian, Marius, and Cornielius, a student who rode around with us. At 3:30 we left for the church we had gone to last night. We got there about 5:30 and the conference started at 6:30. I was videotaping some of the time and watching the timer some of the time.
First David did an Introduction. Then Daddy spoke on Ephesians 5:

Then Mr. Breagy spoke on psalm 127:

Then Max Parish spoke about relationships (courtship). Then Mr. Brown spoke on Romans 12:

Then we had Pizza for dinner.


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I had pizza with you too!

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