Romania - Day 5

On Sunday, Mr. Brown, Mr. Breagy and Daddy each went to a different church. The church that Daddy, Stephen and I went to was in Pistis. It was called Pistis church. It was only about five minutes away from Holy Trinity Church. We got up, and got in a car with the Breagys. We drove to the church the Breagys were going to, droped them off, and then the one we were going to. When we got there, they put us in the pastor's office, because they were doing congregation only prayer. Here is how most churches in Romania do their service:
  1. They have 1 hour of prayer.
  2. They have another hour of singing and praying.
  3. They have an hour long sermon.

When Daddy preached, the church we went to was doing a church mission trip that afternoon, so the sermon was only 45 minutes. Our translator's name was Gabriel. He used to be a professional translator, and is a student at the Emanuel University. He was a really good translator and he was really quick. He was the best translator we had, except for one that we had later, which I will talk about then. Daddy preached on Ephesians 5, about how the relationship of a husband and wife reflects the relationship between Christ and the church. He also spoke on how a father is a prophet, priest and king in his household from that passage. I liked the sermon. He had never done that sermon before.

At that church, there was a band of horns and trumpets, etc., but they did not play when the church sang. They played their own concert during church. When we were done with church, we drove back to Holy Trinity Church. When Mr. Brown was done, (we had to wait because our service finished about 15 minutes earlier) we went to a house to eat lunch. The group split up for lunch. We ate with the brother of the man who we ate lunch with the previous day. Here is a picture of us with his family:

The meal was very good. We first had soup, which is always the first course in Romania. So far, we have had it as the first course in every meal except breakfast and McDonald's. Then we had mashed-potatoes and chicken. The rest of the group went to the family's house we had eaten with the day before. We had to leave by 1:30 to drive to Arad to go to a church service. It was a 3 hour drive. David Brown, my brother, Titus a Romanian boy, and I sat in the back of the van. We had fun. When we first got in the car, Stephen Horn, David, the boy we ate with, his father, Titus and me were all in the back. But after five minutes some of them got in another van.

When we got there, we dived right into church. There was singing and praying, and then Mr. Brown preached on Psalm 127. I do not remember much of it, because it was so hot in that building I fell asleep. When the church service finished, we ran out of the building, and got in the car and drove to another church. Here is a picture of Mr. Brown preaching.

(left to right Scott Brown, the pastor of the next church)

The next church was really big. First they sang, and prayed. Then Mr. Brown preached on Psalm 127 again. It was very similar to what we had just heard. The next night we were going to do a conference at that church. I did not like this church because it was so big, and it was like another church we used to go to. After church, we had pizza at the church. Then we drove back to Emmanuel. The drive was 1 1/2 - 2 hours long. Here is the church:
I could not understand any of the church service except the preaching, because it was in Romanian. The pastor at the last church translated for both of the evening services. He was really good, even better then Gabriel. He would even imitate the tone of voice and hand motions.


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