Romania - Day 2

On Day 2, first, we landed in Paris in the morning. We were all tired because the time was different in Paris then in America. When we landed in Paris, our luggage was supposed to go to Budapest, but it came out on the luggage return. The person at the desk in Philadelphia said it would, but we went to the luggage return anyway. For a while we looked around the airport for the place to check our bags, but we couldn't find it. We were going to rent a car to go to a meeting with Daddy's customer, but there was long lines at the places where we could and by the time Daddy got to the end of the line all of the cars were gone. We went to get a taxi but we had to wait along time to get a taxi because there were only 5-seaters with a driver. Finally we found a mini-van to take us. It took along time to get there because we had to drop someone off in the middle of Paris. This is a picture of the Arch de Triumph in Paris: Daddy thought that the meeting went badly, because he couldn't convince him not to come to North Carolina. On the way back to the airport, it was much quicker. Daddy didn't have any euros, so he had to get some to pay the driver. After we ate dinner, we found where to check our bags. We had to go through security to get on the plane. On the way from Paris to Budapest, Stephen Horn & Breagy were sleeping. Stephen Horn spilled apple juice on his seat. Stephen Breagy was asleep when the waiter came. His Dad ordered him water and put it on his tray, but then the water fell on his lap and woke him up. We flew over some beautiful mountains. We took some pictures. Here is one of them:

When we got to Budapest, it was in the late afternoon but if felt really late because of the time change. It was a three hour drive to Emanuel University, where we were staying. We were all tired. We tried to Skype Mommy but we could not get on line.


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