Romania - Day 8

On Wednesday we got up then we ate breakfast. We had a taxi drive us to the church. The taxi driver did not know where the church we wanted was, so he drove us to all of the churches in the town and asked if they were the church. Finally he found the right church. The church was not completely finished. We got to climb up to the 4th story, where here were no walls. Then we left to go to Mediash. We stopped at a Medieval town on the way. This is a picture of a pistol with a bayonet in a museum there: In it was a cathedral where Martin Luther preached. All of the boys bought knifes there. When we got to Mediash we ate lunch at a mission house. The church there met in a community center. First David Brown did an introduction, and he accidentally called Stephen Horn, Justice Horn. Then Dan Horn spoke on Ephesians 5:21-33:
Daddy was supposed to speak for 20 minutes but he spoke for 42. Then Mr. Breagy spoke on psalm 127:Then Max Parish spoke on courtship:
One of the men came up and said that everyone in the room was angry at Daddy and said that he was more angry because they would not admit it. After the meeting we stayed at a family's house for the night.


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