Romania - Day 3

On Friday we woke up at 10:00 in the morning because we had got back very late the night before. Then we got showered and ate some breakfast, and went to a store called Selgros. It is kind of like Costco. We changed our money, and then bought some stuff. Here is a picture of the store:

Then we went back to our room and then we went down and meet the Browns and Max Parish for lunch. They had just flown in that day. Sebastian, who is the administrator of Emmanuel Collage also came. Two other people came. Marius Cruchero, who is the pastor of a church in Romania came. First we had soup, then pasta and bread. Here is a picture of us after the lunch:Here is Stephen in front of the building we slept in:Then we went to the place in the building where you could get on the Internet. We talked to Mommy on Skype. Here is Stephen talking: We went to a conference that afternoon in Holy Trinity Baptist in Alejd. First Daddy spoke on how marriage reflects the relationship between Christ and his church for 15 minutes. It was a pretty good speech. Then Mr. Breagy spoke for 15 minutes on the sufficiency of scripture. Then Max Parish, David, Me, Stephen Breagy, and Stephen Horn spoke for about 5 minutes. I spoke on sons going to work with their fathers. Then Mr. Brown gave an introduction to the conference that we were going to do on Saturday. Then we went back to our rooms, and went to sleep.


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