Romania - Day 1

Right now Daddy, Stephen and I (Joshua) are on a plane. We are traveling to Romania. We are going there with two of the Breagys, Mr. Brown and his son, Mr. Parrish and Mr. Dohm.We are going there so we can talk to the people in Romania about Family Integrated Churches, Homeschooling, and Entreprenurship. Emmanuel University asked us to come.

We and the Breagys are flying today, the Browns tomorrow, and then Mr. Dohm a few days before we leave. We will be gone ten days. Today, first we are flying to Philedelphia from RDU, then to Paris, then finally to Romania. We are going to get the Pennsylvania today at 5:00, Paris at 8:30 a.m, and then we are leaving Paris in the afternoon so we can get to Romania tomorrow night.

We will try to do a blog post for each day, but we might not be able to.


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