Romania - Day 7

On Tuesday all we had to do was drive to a church, have a meeting, and then go to bed. But it was a long day because we had about a 6 hour drive and it was over the mountains. We are not going to go back to Emmanuel University the entire trip so we had to pack up our stuff. After we packed, we got in the car and drove. David fell asleep and snored in the back. For lunch, we stopped at a gas station and got sandwiches and drinks. The drive over the mountains was really nice. Here are some pictures:

When we got there, we were a little late. We drove to a hotel, where we met the pastor of the church. He led us to a church, which was interesting. It had two floors. The bottom one had a big room for church, and a kitchen. The upper floor was not finished, but the plan is to have a big room for church, with big glass windows that overlook the city. It was really nice. We had dinner in the kitchen. We had soup, vegetables, bread, meat and potatoes. It was good. These were the first vegetables besides cucumbers and tomatoes that we had.

Then we had to do the conference. We did what was going to become the norm. Mr. Brown did a short introduction, then Daddy did a speech on Ephesians 5 about how the father is a prophet, priest and king of his house. The Mr. Breagy did a talk on Psalm 127. I almost fell asleep during this speech because I was really tired. Then Mr. Brown finished up with a speech on not conforming to the world, and the history of the philosophy of age-separated discipleship. Then there was a time for questions. Here are some pictures:

After the meeting, we went to a lady's apartment to sleep. We got a entire apartment to ourselves. She and her mother-in-law stayed downstairs in another apartment. Stephen, Daddy and I shared a bed. It was nice of her to let us stay in her house.


Penn and Janet said...

Thank you Stephen and Joshua for keeping a Blog during your trip. We have enjoyed following the team's work. Between your Blog and the Breagy's Blog we have been able to keep up quite well.

The Linder Family

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