Scotland - Day 11

March 20 was our first day touring in the Highlands, which is the north of Scotland. The first place we went was a valley called Killiecrankie. This valley was a battlefield in the First Jacobite rising, which occurred in 1689. The Jacobites were Englishmen (mostly Scottish) who wanted to restore the house of Stuart to the throne of England and Scotland. The leader of this rebellion was John Graham of Claverhouse, 1st Viscount of Dundee, also called Bonnie Dundee. He raised the standard of the Stuarts on the 16th of April, with only 50 men to support him. He raised an army and fought the English army commanded by Hugh Mackay of about 3500 with his own of 2500. His men took their position on the top of the valley down which the English would march. Here is the battlefield:

The Scots were positioned on the top of the hill on the left. When the English marched down the valley, they saw the Scots, halted and opened fire with their muskets. The Scots waited until the sun had gone below the opposite side, because otherwise the sun would be in their eyes. When it had, they charged down on the English. The English were broken and the Scots won the victory, but their general Dundee had fallen. He died afterwards, and that is why the first Jacobite Rebellion failed.
This is me doing my speach.

Then we went to Glencoe, which was where a massacre of the Scots occurred. We went to the visitor center there, but we didn't take any pictures because it was all about environmentalism and evolution. Then we went to Dunstaffnage Castle, which was nearby. We got there right before it was going to close, and the lady there made us hurry through because she wanted to leave early. Here are pictures of it.
Here is the courtyard:
The castle was built mostly in the 13th century. In 1309 Robert the Bruce captured it. The gate-house is from the 1800s and not open the the public.
Then we went to Glenfinnian Memorial, which is where Bonnie Prince Charlie landed in the third Jacobite uprising. I will tell more about that later. Here is the monument:
Here is the highlander on top:
I did a speech on the landing and then we went back to the condo.


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