Scotland - Day 2

On the second day in Scotland we went to Chester's Fort, Warwick Castle, and Dunstanburgh Castle. Chester's Fort was a Roman fort at Hadrian's Wall. This is a picture of Chester's fort with my father in it:
This is a picture with Joshua in it: Then we went to Warwick Castle and it was closed. We walked around it and took some pictures. Here are some of them. This is a Picture of the keep: This picture is of the gate: This is a picture of all of us except Stephen: Since Warwick Castle was closed and we had time left on our way to Jedburgh, where we spent the night, so we went to Dunstanburgh Castle. Dunstanburgh Castle was built in 1313 by Earl Thomas of Lancaster in Lancaster, a historically remote region. It was altered in 1380 by John of Gaunt. There was a long hike up to the hill. This is a picture of it on the hill: This is a picture of the old Gate House:
This is the new Gate House:

This is a picture of the hole where they pured boiling oil down. It is is called a murder hole:


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