Romania - Day 9

We got up in the morning, and then showered and ate breakfast at the person's house that we stayed at. It was a good breakfast. Here is a picture of us with the wife. The rest of the family were at school or work:

Then the wife called a taxi to take us to the missionary house. She went with us, so we did not get lost! We arrived there safely, and then got in the car and started on our drive to Bacau. It was a pretty drive through the mountains. We stopped twice. The first time, we got some food. First there was some good sausages. Then we got a kind of dessert. It was dough that was cooked for a few minutes until it was just a little brown, and then had sugar sprinked on it. Here is a picture of some cooking:

Here is a mountain:

After this food, we got back in the car, and drove to another stop. This was in a big pass through the mountains. It had a river, and cliffs on either side. It was really pretty. There we bought some things to bring home. All of the boys (David, Stephen Breagy, Stephen Horn and I) bought pocket knives, I bought a ship, and Daddy got Rachel a box that has a secret way to open it. Daddy got Mommy a honey pot and a tea cup. We only stayed for about 15 minutes, so we had to be quick.

Then we got back in the car and drove to Bacau. We arrived just before the service. Daddy and Mr. Breagy spoke in church. Afterwards we had pizza. Then Mr. Breagy, Stephen Breagy, Daddy, Stephen and I got in a van to drive to the airport. Mr. Brown, David and Max were staying for a few more days. So we got in the van, and drove to the airport. We got there really early in the morning, so we tried to sleep in the van for a few hours. We did not get much sleep.


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