Romania - Day 10

On Friday we arrived at the airport in Budapest at about five in the morning. There was a long line at the luggage check-in. The flight to Paris was uneventful. We all slept most of the way. On the way to Philadelphia we had the same kind of plane we had going to Paris. We had a window seat and our seats were not as far back in the plane. This is a picture of the plane:

Stephen got bored and started to take pictures of himself. It took a long time to land in Philadelphia and we had to re-check our baggage. When we went to get tickets everybody said to go to someone else. We were confused because where we landed was on the wrong side of the airport. The plane going to North Carolina was so small that we boarded it from the ground. We bought some Stromboli in Philadelphia for what seemed to us dinner(it was really lunch time.) The flight was supposed to be 2 hours but it seemed a lot shorter. When we got home from the airport we had dinner, even though we weren't hungry. We were very tired and glad to be home. We went to bed at about 8:30.


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