The Great Comission

by Dr. Joe Morecraft

Some Introductory Observations
  1. Three errors in interpreting the Great Commission
    1. Thinking that the idea is to save the greatest number, no matter if they obey God.
    2. Believing that there is not a free offer for anyone to be saved.
    3. Finding excuses not to evangelize.
  2. This helps us transform society with the gospel. John Calvin evangelized France. At the beginning, there were only 30 reformed churches. When he was finished, there were 30 million believers.
  3. Universalism - in a good way. The target is ALL NATIONS. Racism stops the Great Commission. The target is the world - John 3:16
Now we will go through the Great Commission.

1. Universal Authority

Everything is under Jesus' power.
God gave him Authority to give everlasting life - John 12.
Jesus is the ruler of earthly Kings.
Ephesians 1:19-21
Christ is over us - not will be over us.

2. Mandate of World Discipleship

A disciple is a learner.
A disciple submits to Jesus.
Jesus says to make entire nations disciples, not just individuals.
Our mission is not complete until all the Nations are Christ's disciples.

A. Person Winning

Person to person witnessing.
Good books on evangelism:
Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God J. I. Packer
Tell the Truth Will Metzger
Today's Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic?

B. Family Winning

Be an example in your family to other families.
Families should teach.
Parents need to teach the children.

C. Culture Winning

Disciple the nation.
Christian nations.
Christian Culture.
Politically Christian, Economically Christian, Educationally Christian, etc.
For 1000 years, Europe tried to be Christian. The modern historians call these the "Dark Ages."

We have to win the individual, the family and the nation - all three.
The Great commission is the dominion mandate taking into consideration that man is fallen.

3. The Promise of Christ's Presence

Here we see Christ claim deity.
Christ will be with faithful evangelists.
He echoes Deuteronomy 20 - Christ leads us into battle. He fights for us.
God says we will reap.


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