When we came home from Plymouth, we couldn't find our kitten. So we went around the neighbourhood trying to find her. When we couldn't find her, we went back to the house to eat breakfast. This was Wednesday morning. After lunch on Wednesday, we went to our neighbor's house who had put food out for her while we were gone, and asked them when they had last seen her. They said they had last seen her on Saturday. So we went around calling her again, and asking some neighbors about her. When we were going back towards our house, we saw some of the boys from our neighbourhood coming home from school.We asked them if they had seen our cat.Then one of the boys said that his mother had taken her to the pound on Tuesday. So we went to the pound in our county where we thought they would have taken her. That pound hadn't seen her, so we went to our neighbor's house that had taken her, and we asked her where she had taken her. She said that she took the kitten to her friend's house, who lives across the county line, because she was afraid the kitten would freeze. So she said that her friend had taken her to the pound in her county. So we were pretty upset. The other pound was closed that day so we called and gave a description of our kitten, and asked if they had her. The next day someone from the pound called and said that she was there, so we went and got her from the pound. She was glad to be home, and we were glad to see her! Next time we leave home, she will stay in our garage.


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