Jamestown 400: Part I

Joshua and Stephen are working on the Jamestown 400 treasure hunt. The Jamestown 400 is a hunt for 400 gold coins to celebrate the founding of Jamestown. The hunt is done by Vision Forum. Joshua and Stephen have been searching the Vision Forum catalog for clues. The clues involve searching history. The point of the hunt is to learn the providential history of our nation.

"Deep within the ancient lands of the Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown triangle, rests a treasure of historic proportions.

Hidden somewhere near or by the ancient landmarks of our colonial forefathers, lies a trove of buried treasure. Golden treasure.

Resting within a bolted wooden chest are four hundred solid gold coins with a value in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Whoever cracks the mystery of the Jamestown 400 becomes the sole owner of the treasure trove.

But to crack the code and find the four hundred gold coins, you must take a journey through history that will reveal America’s greatest national treasure — the providential hand of God in the life of this nation." from Vision Forum

This is a picture of the recreated fort at Jamestown.


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