Faith & Freedom Tour Sunday

On Sunday, after church we went to the Forefathers Monument in Plymouth. At the Forefathers Monument we heard Dr. Paul Jelhe speak on the importance of the Forefathers Monument. Hammett Billings (the builder of the monument) showed some of the Pilgrims beliefs in the monument. At the top of the monument there was Faith:
Faith was put on the monument in 1877. There are four things on this part of the statue that are important:
1. Faith is holding an open Bible. This represents that the Pilgrims used the Bible and it is being opened by the Holy Spirit. The Pilgrims on the Mayflower had the Geneva version of the Bible.
2. Faith has her forefinger raised to heaven. This represents that the Pilgrims believed that the only way to the Father is through Jesus his Son. This was one of the reasons that the Pilgrims split from the church of England.
3. The star on Faith's forehead represents the honor and glory of the minds of the Pilgrims and reformers. God made the mind so the glory goes to God.
4. Faith is stepping forward with her left foot on Plymouth rock. Faith is looking in an easterly direction, which is the direction they sailed from England.

On the side of the monument there was Morality:
Morality was put on the monument in 1878. Morality is holding the ten commandments. In her other hand she is holding the scroll of Revelation. Morality has a collar around her neck. There were also Liberty, Law, and Education on the monument. In the monument there were many important details. We should recognize that details are important.


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