Faith and Freedom Tour Saturday

On Saturday we went to Burial Hill, the Copps Hill Burying Ground, the Old North Church, the Paul Revere House, and the Paul Revere Statue. First we went to Burial Hill. For the first part of our time at Burial Hill, Mr. Phillips talked about some of the people buried there. After he had finished talking our family walked around Burial Hill, looking at the graves.

This is the grave of William Bradford, who was the first governor of the Plymouth Colony.

Then we went on the buses to go to the Copps Hill Burying Ground. There we gathered around the Mather Family's gravestone, and Mr. Phillips and Mr. Potter talked to our group about the history of the Mather Family and why they were important, and their impact on the founding of America. One of the things they said was that they collected many books for their library, and Cotton Mather wrote about 450 books.

After we walked around the Copps Hill Burying Ground a little, we then went to the Old North Church where William Dawes hung the lights in the church steeple for Paul Revere. When we were in the Old North Church there was a tour guide who gave us a little bit of the history of the church. Most of the things in there, like the organ, were very old.

After we went out of the Old North Church, we walked to the Paul Revere House. There we went on a tour of the upper and lower floors of the house. After that we met with the other groups on our tour at the Paul Revere Statue. There Mr. Phillips talked a little about Paul Revere, and then he had one of the girls on the tour come up and recite "Paul Revere's Ride" for us. After that we ate in Little Italy with the Linder Family that used to go to church with us, but then moved to New Hampshire. After dinner we headed back to the hotel.


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