Jamestown 400: part 2

Stephen and I are also working with three other boys from church. One recent advancement was finding the secret website. We were able to get in and have already answered some questions. The main purpose of the treasure hunt is to encourage people to learn about the providential history of America, especially in Jamestown. There are three phases to the hunt. In phrase one you must crack the mystery in the Vision Forum catalog. If you are one of the first 1000 to complete phrase 1 by March 31, you will receive a special prize. The first 100 winners of Phrase 2 before May 15 will be invited to join the actual hunt for the gold in Jamestown. We do not expect to be in the 1000 or the 100, but will be going to Jamestown for the 400th anniversary celebration with our grandparents in June. To start on the hunt, order a catalog. For more information go to this page.


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