Scotland - Day 9

On day 9 of Scotland we went to Bannockburn, Falkirk, Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, St. Guiles Church, and Holyrood Palace. We went to Bannockburn and Falkirk for refilming because we did not know how to use our video camera. We did not do anything but refilm Joshua's and Daddy's speeches. Then we went to Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Edinburgh Castle is very old. The Castle was called "The Stronghold of Edyn", until the invading Angles came in AD 638, and they renamed it Castle Edinburgh. The Castle did not become the Capital of Scotland until after 1745. Here is a picture of the gate.
There is a big cannon in Edinburgh called the Mons Meg. Here is a picture of the cannon.Here is a picture of the ammunition the cannon fired.Here is a picture of Rachel and my father walking along the wall.Here is a picture of Edinburgh (the city) from Edinburgh castle.Edinburgh Castle was at one end of the Royal Mile so we decided to walk along the Royal Mile. The Royal Mile was a mile of restaurants, stores, and historical places. On the way we stopped at St. Guiles Cathedral. St. Guiles Cathedral is where Mary Queen of Scots would hear John Knox speak and would want to kill him, but she did not kill him because if she did Parliament would stop giving her money. At St. Guiles Cathedral there were different statues and memorials. One of the statues was of John Knox preaching to Mary Queen of Scots and the Parliament. After we went to St. Guiles Cathedral we went to Holyrood Palace. Holyrood Palace was where the king actually lived. Edinburgh Castle was where the king went when there was trouble. We did not get to go into Holyrood Palace because it closed right before we got there.