Scotland - Day 1

For a short while we will be doing day by day posts on our trip to Scotland, which happened a year ago today. We left a year ago yesterday and drove up to Baltimore, and got stuck in traffic around Washington, but we got to the airport about two hours ahead of our flight which left about 8:00 pm. Daddy bought us sandwiches to eat on the plane. We flew to Iceland and then got on another plane and flew to Glasgow, Scotland. We arrived there in the morning, but we could not find where to get the rental car. We looked all over until we finally found it. We had asked for a small car, but our luggage would not fit in, so we got an upgrade to an SUV with a GPS. It was a good thing we had the GPS, otherwise we would have spent the entire trip looking for the places we where supposed to go. We finally got the car and drove south to Hadrian's Wall.

Hadrian's Wall is a Roman Wall that was built in England to protect the Romans from the wild Scots. We went to the Roman Soldier's Museum which was pretty interesting, and then to a settlement called Vindolanda which was there before Hadrian's Wall was built. It was a large place, and my favorite place was the reconstructed tower. Here is a picture of it:

Here is Daddy in the top of one of the towers:

Here is a picture of the real wall and towers:

Also in Vindolanda was the site of an early church:

We slept at a bed & breakfast in the town of Wall, which is, as you could guess, near Hadrian's Wall. We enjoyed our stay there very much. We slept in a little cottage that was old. It had a wooden ladder which you could pull upstairs, so when the raiders or robbers came you could just go in the upstairs and not get hurt. The bathroom was very cold because it did not have a heater.


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