Filming at Jamestown

Panorama of Jamestown
Last Monday we went to Jamestown, Virginia to finish up some filming for the video series. We filmed at Jamestown Settlement, a recreation of the original fort and town. It is right across the street from Historic Jamestown, which is the National Park containing the original site. The settlement is a really neat place. They have costumed reenactors there to explain the history. We filmed in the morning, doing a scene at the boats and three others at the fort. Here are some pictures

Setting up the jib
Sunrise over the ship

On the way back we stopped at a nice little country church. It was very old, and several presidents attended there, including George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and John Tyler, whose house was very close by. During the Civil War services were stopped and it was used as a stable, but later it was reoccupied.

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