Western Filming Trip

Fort Donelson lower battery
A few weeks ago we went on a filming trip for Discerning History to the Western Civil War Battlefields. We started out filming at Fort Donelson in Tennessee near the Kentucky border. It was one of the first battles won by U.S. Grant, and it was important as it forced back the Confederates and gave the Union control of the rivers. You can read more about it here on my Civil War blog.

Fort Donelson upper battery
Hotel near Fort Donelson where the surrender took place
After Fort Donelson we drove to Shiloh. In a huge battle there, more men were lost in one day than in all the previous American wars combined.You can read my posts about it here.
Sunset at the Hornet's Nest
Shiloh's Peach Orchard

Hornet's Nest
After Shiloh we filmed at Corinth, Mississippi and then drove over to Memphis, Tennessee. There we had a problem with the alternator in our Excursion. Thankfully, we were able to get to the Ford dealership and get a new one without losing too much time. That evening we drove down to Vicksburg, Mississippi. We filmed at the National Park there which contains the battlefield and earthworks. It was very impressive, and the bluffs between the lines were very high.
Rural Mississippi
The next day after finishing up some scenes along the Mississippi River we drove down to New Orleans and filmed b-roll there in the evening. We did not like it, it was one of the worst cities we have ever been to (including Rome.) The next morning we filmed at Fort Pike, just outside of New Orleans, and then drove back to North Carolina, stopping at Fort Gaines, Alabama, which guarded Mobile Bay.
New Orleans basilica
Sunrise at Fort Pike, Louisiana
Fort Gains, Alabama

Jackson's Valley Campaign

Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
 Right now we are in the middle of the 150th Anniversary of Stonewall Jackson's famous Shenandoah Valley Campaign of the American Civil War. You can read about it in real time on my Civil War 150th Blog, You can also check out the tour we did of the campaign a few years ago, or read the posts we have written about it over the years.