Washington Tour Preorder

Preorder is now avaliable for the Life of Washington Tour! We will be doing DVDs, CDs and MP3s and audio and DVD sets. Click here to order them. If you are in the Wake Forest area, use the code PICKUP to deduct shipping. You can also pay with cash or check, just . Here is a first cut of a short scene from the DVDs:

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

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Here is a video clip from the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial that we took last week. Thanks to Stephen Breagy for editing this.

Family Reunion - Day 3

On Wednesday we went to Washington DC again. We started out touring the Supreme Court which was pretty interesting, and then we walked around for a while trying to find our car. After moving the car we went to the Postal Museum, which showed a lot about the history of the US Postal Service. After that and lunch we walked over to the Library of Congress. There they had Thomas Jefferson's complete surviving library set up in a display. They also had two very old Bibles. After walking around the capital and seeing some of the monuments we drove over to the Alexandria train station to pick up Nic Ruiz who came up to video with us later in the week. His train was over an hour and a half late, but that was good because we got there an hour late. Right across the street from the train station was the George Washington Masonic Memorial, so we walked over there and took some pictures of it.

Supreme Court

Library of Congress
Capital Building

After picking Nic up we drove over to Arlington National Cemetary. We went through there really quick but we saw President Kennedy's grave, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Robert E. Lee's house. For diner that night we went to Gadby's Tavern in Arlington for my Grandmother's 80th birthday and my grandparent's 54th anniversary. Washington celebrated some of his birthdays at Gadsby's Tavern. After dinner we decided that we would go back to the monuments at night when they were less crowded. We went to Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George Mason and Lincoln Memorials. Later we will put up a video from some of those.

Masonic Memorial

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Jefferson Memorial
Washington Monument

Battle of Cannae - 2226 Years Ago Today


2226 years ago today Hannibal defeated the Roman army almost twice his size at the Battle of Cannae. Hannibal commanded his men in the center of the line to fall back as the Romans attacked, which meant that eventually his army formed a semi-circle around the Roman forces. The Romans were defeated, and almost annihilated. The Romans are estimated to have lost 48,000 men, almost twice the number of Americans who were killed during the War for Independance.

Because of the incredible victory, Cannae has become synonymous with a complete and total victory. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme commander of the Allied forces in WW2 said, "Every ground commander seeks the battle of annihilation; so far as conditions permit, he tries to duplicate in modern war the classic example of Cannae."

Learn more about the battle here.