Civil War Tour - Battle of Bloody Lane

A clip from the traditional yearly "reenactment" from the tour. Here are some pictures as well:

Civil War Tour - Day 6

On the last day of the tour we went to Federicksburg Battlefield. Our first stop was the Sunken Road/Stone Wall where Burnside's Troops charged fruitlessly against Longstreet, and then we went to Prospect Hill on Jackson's end of the line. There we had another reenactment. We finished off the tour with a closing lunch
Group Picture at Fredericksburg Battlefield
Charging Prospect Hill
Opening Fire
Closing Lunch

Civil War Tour - Day 5

On Day 5 we visited Sharpsburg Battlefield in Maryland. Although it was rainy, it was really great to be able to see the landscape and locations that were important in this battle, the bloodiest day in American History. The landscape remains pretty much unchanged from 1862.

One fun part was our small "reenactment" of the boys against the men at the Sunken Road. Check back soon for a video of that.

The boys gathering to march to the Bloody Cornfield
Men prepare for Battle
Leading the troops forward

Burnside's Bridge
Speaking at Burnside's Bridge
Listening to Talks

Civil War Tour - Day 4

We started off back in Richmond at the Museum of the Confederacy and the Confederate White House. At the Museum they had a lot of really neat artifacts from the Civil War. Next we went to Hollywood Cemetery, where many important military & political leaders are buried. We then went to Cedar Mountain Battlefield, where Jackson defeated Banks. We finished up with a dinner from Mrs. Sides.
Museum of the Confederacy
Artifacts from Lee's Tent
A field notebook through which an officer was shot
Grave of Douglas Southall Freeman
Historian of the Civil War
My father at James Madison's Grave
My father at Jefferson Davis's Grave
Me at Cedar Mountain
Cedar Mountain Battlefield

Civil War Tour - Day 3

Yesterday we started off at the Marinier's Museum, specifically focusing on the first ironclad vs. ironclad battle, the Monitor and the Merrimack. We next went to the Richmond battlefield visitor's center, and Malvern Hill battlefield, the last combat of the Seven Days Battles.
Taking Notes at the Mariner's Museum

Full size replica of the Monitor
Me speaking at Malvern Hill

The Confederate forces attempted to charge up the hill on cannon like these

Civil War Tour - Day 2

Today we started at Harper's Ferry, an strategically important location in the Civil War. There we talked about John Brown's raid to free to free the slaves. We next went to Manassas battlefield, the first battle of the Civil War where the Confederates routed the Union and Jackson earned the name Stonewall. 
Street at Harper's Ferry
My father speaking at Manassas
Audio Recording
Me at the Jackson statue
Exploring the Henry House at Manassas

Civil War Tour - Day 1

Today we began our tour of the Civil War. We started by talking about the war of 1812, so we visited Fort McHenry, where the Star Spangled Banner was written. Then we visited the USS Constellation, a Civil War era sailing ship. We finished up with Arlington, home of Robert E. Lee and now a national cemetery.

Fort McHenry
Cannon Looking out into Baltimore Harbor
Demonstrating a gun crew
USS Constellation
Fellowshipping in Baltimore

Arlington, Home of Robert E. Lee
Arlington surrounded by the cemetery