The Jamestown Quadricenntenial - Day 2

On the second day of our Jamestown trip, which was Tuesday, the first thing that we went to was the Williamsburg Lodge. That is a conference center and hotel in Colonial Williamsburg. We heard a speech by Stephen McDowell about the Providence of God; it was called "The Panorama of Providence at Jamestown". It was good, the only problem with it was that, even though we had been there only one day, there was a lot of repeated material. Then we drove to the Marriott to hear Paul Jehle give "Kingdom Seeds at America's Birth: 1607 The Birth of the Nation". This was about how everything worked together Providentially to God's purposes. It was very interesting.

Then I went to the Vision Forum booth and bought a souvenir program and autograph booklet. What you were supposed to do was to go around and get the speakers' signatures, then you can show it to your children to remember that you were in Jamestown. Throughout the week, I got almost all of the speakers signatures.

When we signed up, we wanted to go to Williamsburg with Dan Ford and Michael Billings on Tuesday. But then they changed that tour to Yorktown, and changed us with it!! So we got to go to Yorktown twice. We drove over there in a hurry (and had time to stop at KFC) to get there by 1:00, which was when the tour started. First we drove to Surrender Field, where it was supposed to start, and didn't see anybody, and then we drove to the Visitor Center to see if they were there. We thought that they might have really been at Williamsburg! But then we looked at our tickets, and it said that the tour started at 2:00! So we had hurried for nothing. We got to Surrender Field in time for the tour to start.

One very interesting story that Michael Billings told was that during the War for Independence, an American army had just beaten the British. But another British army was coming to attack them, so they retreated. But then they hit a river, and so they crossed their army over it. But as soon as the British came up to it, it started raining and the river rose so they could not get across! And then they came to another river, and the Americans crossed it, and as soon as they finished, the British came up, and then the river began to rise without any known reason! Then the Americans came to another river, and as soon as they crossed, the same thing happened! This is a good example of God's Providence in American History.

Here are some pictures from this Mini Faith and Freedom Tour:

Dan Ford.
Michael Billings

Dan Ford is a collector of old books and documents. He showed some of them to us.

After the tour, we ate dinner and then returned to the Williamsburg Lodge to have an evening with Marshal Foster and Capitan John Smith. Marshal Foster spoke on the importance of the Geneva Bible to the founding of Jamestown. The Geneva Bible was the first bible printed for the common man and was economical because it cost only two years' wages. Wow!
After Mr. Foster finished his speech, he drove to the Marriott to give the same speech, while a John Smith reenactor drove and came to talk to us.

We did not like the reenactor very well, because he did not know very much about John Smith.