Scotland - Day 14

Yesterday we left from Ruthven Barracks, and drove to Glasgow and got a hotel there. We spent the night and then went to the airport to fly back to the USA. Our plane flight left about 10:30 a.m. Then we flew to Iceland, because our plane flight was on Iceland Air. We could have gone on a tour, because we had to wait for a long time, but we did not schedule it ahead. Then we took off to go to Baltimore. On the plane, Stephen was bored so he took pictures of himself with his camera. Here are a FEW (he took about 15 that he didn't delete. Some of them are of out the window.) He even took one of his cheek, which came out bright orange. He finally fell asleep right before the plane started descending (it was about midnight in Glasgow) and it was hard to wake him up when we had to get off the plane.

Here is a picture of Iceland (from the plane as well)
We really enjoyed our trip to Scotland.


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