Scotland - Day 7

Today we went to the city of Glasgow which is the capital of Scotland. We went there to see the Glasgow Cathedral, the John Knox memorial, and the David Livingston memorial there. When we went there they were having a school service, so they told us to come back in about 15-20 minutes. We got to hear the pipe band playing for the service. While we were waiting we saw the David Livingstone memorial in front of the cathedral. David Livingstone was a Scottish Missionary who went to Africa.

This is a picture of the statue of David Livingstone at Glasgow Cathedral

After we looked at this memorial and read everything on it, we went to the Necropolis (which is a graveyard), and we walked up to the top of the hill to see the memorial of John Knox, who was a great preacher in Glasgow and was one of the great Reformers. John Knox helped write the commentary notes in the Geneva Bible, which is the Bible the Pilgrims brought to Plymouth. His statue is on top of the hill looking over the city of Glasgow.

This is a picture of the statue of John Knox preaching to the city of Glasgow

Then we walked back down the hill, looking at the graves until we got to the bottom, and then we started walking towards the Cathedral. When we got to the Cathedral there was almost nobody there, so we went in. We walked around the Cathedral until they told us to leave because they were having a wedding. We got to see the wedding party arriving dressed in kilts. We spent about 1 1/2 hours in Glascow and then we went to Bothwell Castle. Bothwell Castle was one of my favorite castles because it was the biggest castle we saw.

This is a picture of the outside of Bothwell Castle

The construction of Bothwell Castle was started in about the middle of the 1200's, by Walter of Moray. The castle was never finished, but many people built on it. it was seiged several times by King Edward I. We spent about 1 hour at Bothwell Castle. We had walked around the outside of it the day before because we had arrived at closing time.

This is a picture of Joshua playing on Bothwell Castle