South Carolina Filming Day 2

The inlet on the way to Charleston Harbor
On the second day we rented a deck boat to do some filming in Charleston Harbor. We started at Castle Pinckney, the first fort captured by the Confederate forces in the Civil War. There we hit an underwater pillar when we were backing up to leave. Next we went to Fort Sumter, which was fired on by the Confederates to start the war. As we were trying to dock the water was rough. I grabbed the ladder, and at that moment my father decided to back the boat up to try again. I fell off, and the bottom of my legs got wet. While we filmed at Sumter, my mother and Stephen waited in the boat, fell asleep and got sun burnt. Our trip back to the boat rental place took three times longer than going out. We assumed it was because the tide was going the opposite way, but when we finally got to the rental place we found out that when we hit the pillar at Pinckney, we had bent the propeller. Before sunset we were also able to film a few scenes at Fort Moultrie, where we also saw a very nice sunset.

Castle Pinckney
Getting ready to shoot

Filming Fort Sumter from the boat
Glidecam at Sumter
The Stephens on the ride back
Sunset at Fort Moultrie


Johnson Family said...

We attended the Marriage Conference last month and and Family Economics Conference in March so you all look familiar. We live about 20 minutes from Charleston, SC. What are you shooting for?

Joshua Horn said...

We were at the Marriage Conference and although we were not able to go to the Economics Conference, the Sunday service was at our church.

We are filming a DVD series on the Civil War called Discerning History, which we are intending primarily for homeschool curriculum. We are wrapping up editing, and it should be done in the coming weeks.

The website is, you can sign up for a newsletter there.


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