The Valley Campaign Tour - Day 1

On Sunday night, we left from our Sunday evening service about 8:45 pm, and we arrived at our Grandparent condo on Massanutten mountain at about 2:00 am. The next morning, Joshua, Mommy, and I went to scout out some of the battlefields, and also to get Joshua a calvary slouch hat. The first store we went to, we bought some prizes for the tour treasure hunt we made, but it did not have any slouch hats. Then we went to another civil war store, but the only slouch hats they had were too big for him. Then we went to the Hall of Valor museum shop to get a film so that we could preview it, to decide if we could watch it in the bus or not.

Then we went to Front Royal to decide which stops on the driving tour we should go to. We were planning to get back to the condo in time to go to the hotel by 3:00, but we were late, so we did not get to the hotel until 4:30, which is when we wanted to get to the Golden Corral to set up for our after dinner talks. Daddy did a talk giving an overview of American history leading up to the Civil War, and then I showed how to load a Colt .44 army pistol, and then Joshua did a talk on the weapons of the civil war and an overview of the week. Then Daddy did a thumbnail sketch of the people he is going to talk about this week. Then all of the people went back to the hotel, and Joshua and Stephen Breagy were testing the sound to make sure it worked. Then we got ready for bed. We have a few people from another family and Ryan Glick, our tour bus coordinator, staying with Joshua and I, and Mommy and Daddy were staying in an adjoining room. Rachel is staying in the room with some of the Breagy ladies and another of our friends. Some pictures:

Massanutten Mountain

Daddy speaking

A Monument at New Market that we saw

People Listening

Stephen videotaping


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