Shooting a Possum

Also, when our friends Jonathan and Sarah were at our house we trapped a possum. We had set the trap, and were hoping to catch a possum. We had set it in the morning, and a cat(not our cat,) came into it in the afternoon. We saw the possum after dinner, and Joshua went out there and threw his shoe at it. We put our cat's food bowl on a swing. The possum is not tall enough to get on the swing, so he sticks his nose up through the hole, and tips the food bowl over and eats the food off the porch. It is kind of funny to watch the possum do it. The trap was closed, and Joshua said watch the opening, there is something in it, and he let it go. Sure enough there was something in it, a fat orange cat. It is a neighborhood cat so we would not want to have shot it.

We set the trap again, and sure enough the stupid possum went in it. The next day, we went out, and saw that the trap was set. We looked in there and saw the possum. Before that, however, we went to the Durham Book Sale(see the post about the last time we went there.) When we got back it was almost lunch time, but we shot it before lunch. Possums are marsupials, which means that they have pouches, like kangaroos. Once we shot it, the baby possum decided to come out of its pouch. At the time we thought it was giving birth, but we realized that it was wrong.

Daddy wheeling the possum trap

Joshua getting ready

Joshua shooting at it once it was dead


Anonymous said...

Why did you kill it?

Lisa Wong said...

My brother (Benjamin-the middle one) received and bought three Hav-a-Hart traps and trapped for about a month and caught 3 opossums 1 raccon 1 squirrel and a cat it was our neighbor's cat (we don't own a cat.) Anyway, Benjamin shot one of the oppossums with a .22 and gave the skin to a local trapper. You can see some pictures here:

Anonymous said...

We were just surfing the web for possum related stories when we stumbled upon your story about shooting a possum. To each their own. However we are having our 2nd annual possum day festival this coming September. If you get a chance stop on by our little web site at www.northcarolinapossumdaychapter,com And have a happy Possum day !!!!!!

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