Picking Apples

Picking apples has consequences, especially when doing it at dusk, like getting bee stings that swell your eye shut. Stephen got two bites right over his eye on his forehead which swelled over his eye, and one on his finger which spread all over his hand. Joshua got one under his ear which hardly swelled at all. Stephen's eye was almost covered before he went to bed and it was covered during the night, but it had gone down some in the morning.

Stephen is thankful that his sister Rachel was quick to get some ice for his forehead, and his mother gave him some 24-hour allergy relief, and later some acetaminophen and ibuprofen for pain. It was less than five minutes after Stephen came in screaming that Joshua came in with with similar screams of pain. As Rachel was getting ice for Joshua, Stephen's finger was stung, and we saw 3 bees buzzing in the house. My mother could not find any flying insect killer, but ant killer stopped them from flying so she could swat them on the floor, then Rachel disposed of the mean critters and cleaned the spray off the floor. After the excitement, Daddy came in with the apples, and we filled the dehydrator and 2 bags to freeze while Stephen read from Usher's The Annuls of the World.

His eye:

His finger:

He can make a good pirate face:


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