The Master's Plan for Fatherhood Conference

Last week we went to the NCFIC Fatherhood Conference in Wake Forest ( The speakers were, Scott Brown, Jason Dohm, my father, and Steve Breagy. This was my father's first time speaking at a national conference. My father's speeches were titled "Fathers who Love the Lord with All Their Hearts (Deuteronomy 6)" , and "A Case Study in Headship in the Home (Numbers 30)". Here is a picture of my father, and Mr. Dohm, and Mr. Brown on a panel discussion. My favorite talk was Mr. Brown's talk titled "Expository Reading of Scripture". I also liked his talk on scripture memorization. The conference was very good. I learned a lot from the various speakers. These are some of the things I learned: fathers should teach the Bible to their children, fathers should intercede for their children, and fathers will be blessed if they teach the Bible to their children.