Faith & Freedom Tour Wednesday

On Wednesday, we went to Plimoth Plantation & Salem. At Plimoth Plantation, we went around the English model village, and talked to the pilgrim actors at the village. Joshua also went to the Indian model village with a family that was on the tour with us. Before we went into
Plimoth Plantation, Mr. Phillips asked us to ask the pilgrims some questions. While we were at
Plimoth Plantation, we asked the pilgrims questions, like why they used the Geneva Bible instead of the King James Bible. Some of the questions they knew the answers to, and some they were not so good at answering. We thought they did a very good job though.
After we had finished our time at Plimoth Plantation we grabbed our lunch and went on the bus to go to Salem.

When we arrived at Salem, we met Dr. Paul Jehle, and he gave us a speech on the witchcraft trials in Salem. We also walked around Salem a little bit, and also looked at the model of the Friendship, a ship which was like the one Nathaniel Bowditch sailed. After that we went on the bus and went back to the hotel in Plymouth.


Anonymous said...

Hello Horn Family! It was great to see you all at the tour last week. You have some nice photos there, and I look forward to seeing more.


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