Faith & Freedom Tour Tuesday

On Tuesday we had a very busy day. We started out on a walking tour of the Monuments of Plymouth. We started at Plymouth Rock. Dr. Paul Jehle gave us an introductory talk on the pilgrims.

The next stop was at Plymouth rock.We then moved to the Plymoth's mother's Monument commemorating the women of Plymouth. Of the women, 48% died in the first winter. After that we went to the burying hill. Then we went the the close by statue of Massasoit the Indian chief. We went to the church of the pilgrimage, were Pastor Gary Marks gave us a talk on the church of the pilgrims, and John Robinson, their pastor. We also went the Grist Mill, which was very interesting.
The next place to go the the schedule was to Plymouth Plantation, but we were behind on the schedule, so we left for the Mayflower II. We got to go on the ship and talk with the reenactors. For dinner we got to go to the Plimoth Plantation for a pilgrim thanksgiving dinner.

This was a very full day and we had a lot of fun.


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