Washington Tour - Day 2

On the second day we visited a bunch of places in Philadelphia. We started off at Christ Church. Christ Church was attended by many of the founding fathers. George Washington visited there, Benjamin Franklin, and many others. Charles Lee and John Forbes, Generals in the Revolution and French and Indian War, respectively, were also buried there, along with Robert Morris the financier of the Revolution.

Walking to Christ Church

The Steeple at Christ Church

Listening to the tour at Christ Church

After Christ Church we went to Carpenter's Hall.Carpenter's Hall was the sight of the First Continental Congress. Washington was a delegate to that Congress. My father talked about Washington as a politician in front of the building.

Speaking in front of Carpenter's Hall

After Carpenter's Hall, one group went to Christ Church Burying Ground. Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush are buried there. My father spoke on both of those men there. After that and lunch we went to Independence Hall. Independence Hall during the Revolution was called the Pennsylvania State House. It was used as the sight of the Continental Congresses. It was there they signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. After Independence Hall we visited the Liberty Bell.

A grave of an forgotten soldier.
This grave of a Revolutionary War soldier had either sunken into the ground or been broken off

Liberty Bell

Independence Hall

Then I gave a speech on the battles of the Revolution up to Trenton where we went the next day. My father talked about why the Constitution is distinct from other Constitutions. Then we walked to the Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War soldier. There we talked about how the soldiers went for days without food, marching many miles and all of the sufferings that they went through to give us freedom.

Speaking on the battles

Washington at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier


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