Washington Tour - Day 3

Our first stop on day 3 was Washington's Crossing. This was where Washington crossed the Delaware before attacking Trenton. I spoke about the crossing there, and my father talked about Charles Lee, one of the American Generals who was not useful because he was too prideful.

Where Washington crossed the Delaware

A monument to Washington

Next we went to Trenton where the actual battle took place. There is a monument where the artillery was placed that destroyed the Hessian formation. We had never been there before, and the monument was very impressive. Unfortunately we were not able to go up it because the elevator is broken.

Trenton Monument

After Trenton we went to Princeton Battlefield, where George Washington next attacked the British. I talked about the battle, and how this was Washington's greatest strategic victory. Also we saw the tree that General Mercer was killed under. It fell down a few years ago, but they planted a sapling from it on the same spot.

Joshua speaking at Princeton

After the battlefield we went to Princeton University. My father talked about its history and problems. It was founded before the Revolution by great men like John Witherspoon and Jonathan Edwards but later became very unbiblical. We walked around there for a while, and went in the chapel. It was very much like a Roman Catholic church, with the idols etc. I am fairly sure that the founders would not have approved of the chapel today. Then we went to Princeton Cemetary where many of the preachers of the great awakening are buried, including Samuel Davies, Jonathan Edwards, Arron Burr Sr., John Witherspoon and many more. Mr. Brown spoke about the family life of Jonathan Edwards and some of the other great pastors buried there.

Daddy Speaking

The Chapel at Princeton

Mr Brown at the Cemetary

For dinner Charlie Zahm, a folk musician, joined us at the Spaghetti Warehouse. After dinner he sang some songs, and then my father spoke on the Declaration of Independence, followed by some more songs. It was very good, and we will probably post some video clips in the future.

Charlie Zahm singing

Daddy speaking about the Declaration of Independence


Patrick Rogan said...

Is Mr. Dohm... Sleeping there? On the last picture? Or maybe it just looks like that. Was this at the Charlie's Zahm thing?

Joshua Horn said...

Yes it was, but I think he was just bending his head.

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