Washington Tour - Day 4

The first thing we went to on Day 4 was Chadd's Ford at the Brandywine Battlefield. This is where part of the British army held the American army while the rest went around to attack them in the rear. After going through the visitor center we moved on to the Birmingham Quaker Meeting House & Cemetery. There is a monument to Lafayette, Pulaski and a few other soldiers who fought at Brandywine. Joshua talked about the rest of the battle there.

Daddy speaking at the Lafayette Monument

Lafayette Monument

Joshua talking about the battle

Then we drove to Cliveden, a house that was central in the battle of Germantown. A group of British soldiers barricaded themselves in it and the Americans sent several regiments against it, but were unable to capture it. While we were eating lunch were, some boys decided to try to climb a tree. (see a video here) After lunch and tree climbing Joshua spoke about the battle.

Tree climbing

The front of the Cliveden house the Americans charged

Our last stop was Valley Forge. We walked 4-5 miles there because the buses had to leave and the shuttles were not running. Valley Forge was where the army spent the winter and were retrained under Von Steuben. Daddy and Joshua did various talks on the way about important generals and events.

The "Grand Parade" where the men trained

Leaving one of the encampments

Some huts like they lived in


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