Washington Tour - Day 1

We left Wake Forest last Monday at 4:30 AM. After trying to sleep on the bus for a few hours, we stopped for an opening breakfast. My father and I gave some introductory speeches there.

Opening Breakfast

After breakfast our next stop was Washington's Office in Winchester, VA. There we split into two groups and one heard my father talk about Washington's early life while the other went through the office. Washington used this building as a office while he was the commander of the Virginian troops during the French and Indian War. He also surveyed this area when he was sixteen, and my father was encouraging young men to be about serious business at a young age to redeem the time for the days are full of evil.

Half of us in front of a statue of Washington as a surveyor

My father speaking about Washington
Next we drove to Jumonville Glen in southwestern Pennsylvania. This is where Washington started the French and Indian War by attacking a party of "ambassadors." I talked about the battle, and we walked around the area.

Driving through Pennsylvania

Climbing on the rocks 

Then we drove a few minutes to Fort Necessity, where Washington fought the French who were sent out to avenge Jumonville's death. Because of the poor choice of location for the fort, after just a few hours Washington was forced to surrender. 

Me speaking at Fort Necessity
A reconstruction of the small fort he built

After leaving Fort Necessity we drove to the hotel in Pottstown, PA. We arrived there after midnight, so it was a very long day!


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Color photos show more detail. They are more like real life. They are more realistic

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