200 Year Plan Conference: Thursday

Recently we went to the 200 Year Family Plan conference hosted by Vision Forum. The speakers were Doug Phillips and Geoff Bodkin. It was at the Empire Theater in San Antonio. We arrived on a Thursday, and left on a Monday. We got up early in the morning on Thursday, and flew into San Antonio with a layover in Dallas. We got there before lunch, and ate lunch in downtown San Antonio and then went to the Alamo. We learned about how the men defended the Alamo against Santa Anna, and how they were all killed. One interesting thing that we saw was Davy Crockett's rifle, powder horn and other equipment which were on display at the Alamo. One interesting thing that we learned was that the distinctive curved top of the Alamo was added after the battle by the United States government. This was very interesting.

After going to the Alamo, we walked around downtown San Antonio, but did not go to the Riverwalk. We went to a little toy soldier store, but did not buy anything. After walking in San Antonio, we went back to the hotel, which was near the airport because the ones in the downtown were very expensive, and got settled in. We went to dinner with one of Daddy's employees and her husband that live in Texas. We met them at a restaurant in a shopping center called the Rim. It was a Mexican grill restaurant, and it was very good. After dinner we went home to get a good night's sleep, and get up in the morning to go to the conference.


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