Yesterday, Good Friday, we had a Seder to remember what the passover was like. We did one like they did between Christ and the fall of the temple. The early Christians probably practiced passover until the fall of the temple. We had some families from church, the Breagys, the Pechins, and the Watsons, over to celebrate it with us. The bitter herbs made some people make faces:
We did not start the seder until 7:00 and started dinner at about 9:00 and it was over by about 10:00. We did 3 responsive readings, and drank 4 cups of grape juice (they were not full cups.) There was a lot of symbolism of Jesus in the seder even before he was alive. The sater plate had a boiled egg, parsley, salt water, bitter herb, mortar, and a lamb shank (we used a chicken bone; It was all we had.)
We dipped the parsley in the saltwater to represent us being redeemed through suffering. The parsley represents the hyssop used to sprinkle blood on the doorposts and our new life in Christ. The saltwater represents tears. The mortar represents the bricks made while in bondage in Egypt. It was one of the good foods to eat on the seder plate. The bitter herbs represent Christ's suffering on the cross.

We started the seder by having all the children look for leaven in the house, which represents removing sin from our house. Then Daddy hid the middle piece of matzah, which represented Jesus being hidden in the tomb. At the end of the seder, the children had to search for it, and Jeremy Watson found it with a little help from Mr. Breagy, which represents those who seek for Christ find Him. We also set a place for Elijah and opened the door for him to arrive, since scripture said that Elijah must return before the Messiah would come. We know Jesus said he has already come in John the Baptist.

I enjoyed the feast and learning how the passover pointed to Christ - and getting to drink lots of grape juice.


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