200 Year Plan Conference: Saturday and onward


On Saturday was spend another day listening to messages at the conference. The conference went on all day. We ate lunch and dinner in downtown San Antonio. We enjoyed the messages. Vision Forum now sells the messages from the 200 year plan conference. You can buy them here:

200 Year Plan Conference


The church service for people attending the conference was held in a hotel San Antonio. Mr. Phillips preached a message on the family table, which he did not have time to do Saturday. After the service, everyone was invited over to the Phillip's house for the afternoon. We went, and fellowshiped with people who where at the conference.


On Monday we drove around San Antonio looking for a place where Daddy could buy a new cowboy hat. He could not find a leather one like he wanted. Then we drove and found a bookshop in San Antonio which we went to. We got some books, and crammed them in our bags. We where supposed to fly home that evening, so we went to the airport. Our plane to Dallas was delayed because of storms, but finally we made it there. Daddy had a business meeting the next day, and we were supposed to fly home, but because our flight was delayed, we did not make it in time for our flight to RDU. We decided to stay the night in Dallas with Daddy, and stay there for the business meeting and leave the next day with him, rather than get home a 1 a.m. of later. We got a rental car, checked in to the hotel, and went to dinner with Daddy's employees.


We left in the afternoon, so in the mean time we did some things in Dallas. We went to a park and some stores there. We picked Daddy up from his meeting, flew out and arrived safely home that night.


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