200 Year Plan Conference: Friday

Friday was the day that the conference started, but it did not start until after lunch. We got up in the morning, and had a good breakfast at the hotel. It came with the room, and there were pancakes, bacon, eggs, potatoes, omelettes cooked to order, fruit, and other things. We enjoyed it a lot. We went back to the room, and Daddy and I worked for a little bit, until we had to leave to check in for the conference. We drove over to the downtown, and parked in a parking lot. We walked over to the Empire Theater, where the conference was. It was a very neat building. On the bottom level there were round tables and chairs. The upper mezzanine, had normal theater seating and had a very good view of the stage. Above that, there was another level, which was the balcony. It was very high up, and the seats were very steep. They did not want small children up there because it was dangerous, and no one was allowed to sit up there the second day. We sat on the mezzanine.

After we checked in they made us leave for an hour because they needed to do a final audio and video check. We left, and, because we were so full from breakfast, we went over to a hotel that was near and got some pastries. We went back to our car and got our bags. Then we walked back to the Theater, and waited to be let in. There we saw the Perch family, some of our friends that we had not seen for a long time. Their son Jordon was baptized the same day I was at our church. We enjoyed seeing them and ate dinner with them that evening.

Soon they let us in, and started the first message. It was an introduction by Doug Phillips. He spoke on things including the vision and limitations of the conference. Then Mr. Bodkin did a message called Introducing the 200 Year Plan. One interesting thing that he said was that we need to raise up militant sons, who will fight for God. Then there was a time of Q&A, and then we were sent out for dinner.

After dinner we came back and Mr. Phillips gave us Seven Secrets of Multi-Generational Visionaries.
He spoke of some things that are necessary to have in your multi-generational vision. In the evening Mr. Bodkin gave us several examples of multi-generational visionaries in history. After these messages we were very tired, and everyone went to bed.


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