The Mistakes of World War 2 - 1941

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain

In 1941 the world was plunged into one of the largest wars in human history. The Axis -  Germany, Italy and later Japan were succeeding in their attacks on the Allies - Great Britain and the Soviet Union. But by 1941 the Axis had already thrown away their best chance, although a slim one, of ultimate victory. In 1940 Germany had not pressed its attacks on Britain, instead it had attacked the Soviet Union. In 1941 the Axis continued to make mistakes which caused them to loose even more chances of victory. Germany’s made the mistake of failing in their attempt to defeat Russia. But the Axis’ greatest mistake was causing the United States to join the war. That defeated their last chances for survival. When the United States declared war, the Allies had twice the men as the Axis, and more industrial capability. Forcing the USA to join the war was the greatest mistake of 1941. All the rest were minor compared to it.

Russian tanks and soldiers
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Taunton Roadtrip Stop

My father, brother, and I flew up to the Taunton, Massachusetts NCFIC roadtrip stop. We left Friday morning and got back Saturday afternoon. There over 100 people there. My father gave a message titled Indispensable Center of Church and Family Life, which is glorifying God, and another message on relations within the church. On the way back we were one minute late for checking in for our flight, but we were able to get on it any way. 

Stephen waiting to board the plane

 Mr. Brown

Conference Attendees

My father speaking

Wake Forest Roadtrip Stop

Here are a few pictures that I took from the NCFIC roadtrip kickoff meeting at our church, Hope Baptist in Wake Forest. There were several hundred people there, and Mr. Brown, my father and Mr. Dohm gave messages and Mr. Breagy and other church leaders gave testimonies.

Scott Brown

Dan Horn

Steve Breagy

Memorial Day 2010

Monday our church held our annual Memorial Day picnic at Mr. Brown's farm. About 1200 people came. It was a good time of honoring the veterans and preaching the gospel. My job was to take pictures, and here are a few of the 1000 I took.

The flag flies at half staff to honor those who were killed in battle

Mr. Scott Brown


There were rides in military vehicles

Mr. Bill Brown from our church. He was a fighter pilot in WW2, and was shot down.

Col. William Henderson, who fought on Iwo Jima, and Doug Phillips

Some of the Smith Family playing bluegrass

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