Wintry Weather

We have had only two really small snow storms. They were both about 1/4 to 1/2 inch and melted very quickly. One night it rained, but then the rain froze on the trees and plants. It looked nice. Here are some pictures of one of the small snows:

Those are Kater's footprints in the snow on the back deck. We hope that we will get more snow later this year.
Here is a picture from the small ice storm:


We bought a total of 24 books on the Faith & Freedom Tour. Altogether the thicknesses add up to two feet. That means that each book is approximately one inch thick. The total number of pages is 8237, and the average is 340 pages. We still have not read all the ones from other years. I enjoyed the tour very much. I really liked Lexington and Concord.

Kater update

Kater, our cat, has caught many mice. Just this morning she caught one. She also likes to catch birds, but she has only got one that we know of. She sits at the bottom of a tree with a feeder on it, waiting for a bird to come close enough to pounce. We have seen her sit in one place for more than an hour, waiting for one to come. When she pounces she misses, because the bird feeder is too high. We definitely have fewer birds in our yard since we got the cat.
Kater also gets stuck in the garage. For some reason she likes going in, and then gets shut in; but she is ready to come out when we come to get her.