Reforming the Church - Family Integrated Church Life Conference

We went to a conference done by NCFIC last Saturday. First there was a message by Scott Brown on "The Implications of the Sufficiency of Scripture." This talk was about how we should apply the sufficiency of scripture. Then after that there was a talk by my dad on "Dealing with a Culture at War Against Church and Family." This was about how we need to resist the influences of the culture. Then Mr. Tsantles gave a talk about "Establishing Biblical Church Life." He talked about his experience of coming to a family integrated church. Then Mr. Churchill gave a talk on "The Role of Fathers in Church and Family Life." This talk was about what a father needs to do.

After that we ate lunch. After lunch Steve Breagy gave a talk on "The Discipleship of Children." This talk is about how to disciple your children in the family and the church. Then my dad did a talk on "Applying the Regulative Principle of Worship." In this talk he went through our church service, and told how each thing our church does is from the Bible. Then Mr. Brown finished up by doing a talk on "The Family's Relationship to the Church." This talk was about how the church relates to the family and how the family relates to the church. I enjoyed the conference very much. I did not have a favorite because I liked them all. We forgot to bring the camera, so we do not have any pictures from it.


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