The Valley Campaign Tour - Day 5

On the fifth day, which was the last day of our tour, we started out by going to the Turner Ashby Monument, where he was shot. Daddy did a talk on Turner Ashby's life and his service in the war.

Then we went to Washington & Lee Chapel, which was where Lee was president of the university after the war, and he is buried under the chapel. Then we went to the Stonewall Jackson House in Lexington, which was where Jackson and Anna lived in Lexington while he taught at the Virginia Military Institute. It was the only house he ever owned.

Then we went to VMI, and a cadet led a tour of VMI and told us about the buildings and such. During lunch at the Memorial Gardens in VMI, Daddy did a talk on State's Rights. If you ever go there, beware of a replica of Michelangelo's David, which they told us about on the tour. Then we went to Jackson's Grave in Lexington, and Daddy talked about Jackson's character there. Then we went to the closing dinner, where Joshua did a talk on the rest of the Civil War, and Daddy talked about the consequences of the Civil War.

Stonewall Jackson's grave marker

Four Cannons the cadets used for artillery practice when Jackson taught there. They were name Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (Jackson's statue is in the background)

A statue of George Washington

The Cadet that did our tour at VMI

Daddy talking at the Ashby Monument


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