The Valley Campaign Tour - Day 6

The next day, everybody went back home. On our way back, we stopped at Pamplin Park outside of Petersburg, VA, which is a museum, and some breastworks which they made to look how the real ones would have. The battle that was fought there is called the Battle of the Breakthrough, and although it was important, and caused Lee to retreat and led to the surrender, it is not well known because the general who commanded at a large skirmish became the commander of the whole army, and he had friends in high places who said that what he did was the important thing, not what was actually the important one. It was a good museum, and in all it was very interesting.

Joshua, Rachel, and behind a statue in front of the museam

A replica of a 3 inch rifled cannon

Looking through the hole in the breastworks for the cannon

A reproduction of what a winter hut would look like

The outside of the original entrenchments


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