The Valley Campaign Tour - Day 3

Today we started out by going to Fort Johnson, which was a lot of breastworks on Mount Shenandoah. They were pretty neat, but they had shurnken because it has been almost 150 years. Then we went to hike up the mountain. At about half way up, the boys were drilled by Mr. Breagy. The hill was very steep, so we were very tired when we got to the top. At the top, Joshua gave a talk about the battle of McDowell. The battle was fought by Jackson against part of Fremont's forces under Milroy. The Confederates were going to attack, but then the Unions attacked them. They were at first pushed back, but they kept being reinforced, and finally the Unions retreated. It was neat to see where the battle actually happened. After that we had a battle reenactment. The men were the Unions, and the boys were the Confederates. They charged us, but it broke before it got to us. We then charged them, and with a few casualties we took the colors from the enemies. Then we marched back down the mountain.

Then we went to the Frontier Culture Museum, which had some different farms how they were in Europe, and it also had several American Farms. Then my dad did a talk on Slavery, and the benefits and problems with it.

We do not have the pictures yet off of our camera, so we will post some later.


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