Reformation 500: Whitfield's Grave

Yesterday, we traveled up to Boston to go to the Reformation 500, but it did not start until the next day, so we went with the Browns, the Breagys, and the Damings to the church where George Whitfield is buried. The church is Old South Presbyterian Church in Newburyport, Massachusetts. George Whitfield is one of the pastors who preached at the beginning of the Great Awakening. The church is still in use, and the pastor showed us around. He told us some stories about Whitfield, and showed us some interesting things that are around the church. One of the interesting things about the church was it's ceiling. It had a flat ceiling, but it was painted specially so that it would look curved. Whitfield was buried with the first two pastors under the pulpit. On our way back to Boston we stopped at a pulpit rock that Whitfield preached to a crowd of 3,000 people in a field, which is now a forest. Mrs. Brown said she has seen a lot of pulpit rocks, and this was by far the best.

A plaque to George Whitfield

The pastor of the church

A plaque with the list of the pastors on it

The organ

The inside of the church

The roof of the church from a level of the bell tower

Mommy climbing up the bell tower stairs

A cast of Whitfield's skull

Mr. Brown talking about Whitfield

Pulpit Rock


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