Reformation 500: Day 3

On this day we got up and ate donuts. This day was full of sessions, until after lunch when we went on a mini-tour. We heard several different messages. Some of my favorites were by Dr. Morecraft. He gave one on the Five Solas of the Reformation. I also enjoyed the Impact of the Reformation of Art and Culture by Mr. Phillips. Here are some pictures:

Mr. Phillips

Mr. Serven

At 2:30 we had a tour on the great awakening by Dr. Morecraft. We could not find Stephen, so we left him to listen to messages. Just then we got an email about the treasure hunt. So then we called Mr. Breagy, and I told Stephen Breagy the clue. So while we listened to the tour, they worked on the treasure hunt. Dr. Morecraft's message was very interesting.

Dr. Morecraft

The clue that we had gotten told us to go to one of the reformers, and tell him a password. They did that, and he told them to go to another, and so on for about 20! When we got back, they were on about the fifth. Finally our parents left for dinner, but we kept working. We got stuck for almost an hour because one of the reformers had gone to dinner. When we got to her, we went through several more, until during one of the session breaks we got the last clue from Joshua Phillips. It was a poem which told you to go to one of the vendors and ask for something, which you would then give to the 5th trustee from Jamestown. The poem was very difficult, especially because you were not allowed to copy it. You had to remember it. Anyway, finally after all the sessions we figured it out. We were in 4th place, which we thought was pretty good, especially since we had no adults helping us. The person who won was Mr. Muse from our church! We had a lot of fun even though we did not win.

The evening sessions were a Charlie Zahm concert, and then a debate between John Calvin and Charles Darwin. During the concert, Mr Phillips played that harmonica for several songs. You can hear them below. It was very good. The debate was pretty good, but we thought Charles Darwin won even though he was wrong.

Musical Audio of Canonball & Orange Blossoms Performed at the Reformation 500 from Vision Forum on Vimeo.


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