Reformation 500: Day 4

On day 4, we got up at 7:30 so that we could go to the children's parade. There were a lot of people at the children's parade, and a lot of them were in costume, like us. The children's parade went around the Boston Common and through the streets back to the hotel.

Some of our friends

Some Reformers

Marching (walking)


At the hotel in the main ballroom there were some speeches, and Charlie Zahm sung some songs. Since we were going to leave as soon as it was over, we went up to our room during the first break,and changed our clothes. When we got back, it had already started so we missed some of the graduation ceremonies of the Vision Forum Interns. When we were about to leave some people rang the Liberty Bell, at 2:00, the exact time that they really did. The Muses got to ring it because they won the treasure hunt. You can watch the video below.

Charlie Zahm singing "Jolly Jolly Soldier"

Charlie Zahm Sings 'For the Honor of George Washington' from Vision Forum on Vimeo.

Ringing the Liberty Bell

Ringing the Liberty Bell from Vision Forum on Vimeo.


The Warrior said...

I'm quite jealous that I could not attend. ;-P

I appreciate the photos, thus. :-P

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